Yes. Yes, you can. But– that doesn’t mean you can hide your identity from eBay because you’ve been doing something dishonest, so if that’s your reasoning, you better think again! Changing your eBay user ID is very simple and has some ramifications. In this article, we’ll discuss how to go about doing it, why some people decide to make the change, and whether or not it’s something you’ll want to do.

How to Change your eBay User Name

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1. Log-in to your eBay account.

2. Click on the “My eBay” tab at the top-right part of the screen.

3. Find the “Account” tab within the “My eBay” section of the site. Put your mouse over it and select the 2nd option called “Personal Information.”

4. Choose the “edit” link at the right-side of user ID

5. Choose a new eBay user ID. You’ll see the screen below when you get to this point:

Can you change your ebay name?
What Happens When I Change my eBay Name?

1. Your old name is gone: Remember– it’s not yours anymore, so if somebody else goes to register it, there’s nothing you can do. You might be able to open up another eBay account and register it, allowing you to keep it, but unless you do that, it’s free game. So if it’s a large, solid account, you might want to reconsider changing it, as there may be users that come to find you buy searching for your stuff.

2. You get an icon next to your name for 30 days: Not that I think it’s a big deal, but you get one of these: What happens when you change your eBay name

3. All feedback and history go with you:  Literally the only thing that changes is your User ID, so you’ll get to keep your feedback score, all your account history, etc… so– please note: those of you that are here because you did something illegal or stupid on eBay, and you think this is going to wipe your record free of any blemishes… you’re wrong. This isn’t going to fix the past!

4. No more changes for 30 days: You can do this once every 30 days– not that I can imagine you wanting to do this any more often than you have to. Ideally, you want your eBay user name to gain a good reputation and credibility over time. If you’re a regular seller of certain types of goods, you may have customers look up your name directly, so I don’t recommend changing your name unless you really need to change it.


Note: I had a client recently that had some enemies on eBay that were purposefully messing with his auctions. They would relist his same items and then undercut him, using the same titles, pictures, etc… Changing he eBay user ID was a great way for him to separate himself from these people. And because he hadn’t really established himself as well with that particular account, it wasn’t like he was losing customers.

Many of you may have started eBay as a side venture and had it evolve into a much greater business. If you want to change your name from your first name (commonly used as an eBay username on eBay) to a business name for the sake of branding, I highly recommend it!

And by the way, check out our ebay fee calculator.



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