Finally! This is probably some of the better news coming out of eBay in awhile. Starting on July 2, eBay sellers can load up to 12 pictures per listing with no additional cost! Prior to this, many people were discouraged about adding more pictures to their listings, knowing that they are only raising their cost to list. Finally eBay sees the light and will be encouraging us to put up more pictures (a good thing for both sellers and buyers).

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Here’s a quote coming directly from eBay’s Spring 2012 PowerUP magazine:

In recent research, eBay buyers ranked photos one of the top three factors in deciding where to buy.

No more trying to skimp on pictures! It’s time to take advantage of being able to add up to 12 pictures per listing for free. If eBay buyers really ranked this as one of the “top three factors” in their decision to buy, why would you not take advantage of it? I have concluded for years that the picture listing upgrades were about the only upgrade that was worth the added cost, and now that’s it free, you’d be crazy not to take a couple of extra minutes to get the best possible pictures on your listings!

With that in mind, please review eBay’s Photo Center for more information about taking better photos for your listings.

eBay Photo Center Picture
Now there is absolutely no excuses for poor product photos on eBay!

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