Last year, the famous Warren Buffett lunch had its auction end at $2.6 million; this year– much, much more at $3.5 million! Can you imagine? The proceeds are going for charity, and you can read more about the eBay listing here. But, honestly– $3.5 million? Wow! This morning, bids were only at around $400k. See what happened in the last few minutes of bidding!

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Warren Buffett eBay Lunch
Who are all these new eBayers bidding? Well, you actually have to pre-qualify in order to even make a bid! Bottom line– this shot up literally millions of dollars in the last few minutes of the auction. Crazy, right? Don’t get me wrong– lunch with Warren Buffett would be amazing, and I cannot imagine listening to the “Oracle” himself telling Wall Street war stories while eating some amazing food, but wow– $3.5 million? Crazy!

See the completed listing.

And– learn more about the charity by watching the video below!



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