It’s important that you understand eBay’s product description rules from its Selling Practices Policy. In this article, I will briefly discuss what is allowed in your description and what is not. Sounds boring, right? Well– if you are going to sell effectively on eBay, you need to be well aware of eBay’s policies.

What You Should Do (Required)

  • Describe the item that you are selling only. Under no circumstance should you be promoting any other product for any reason within your description– only what is being sold!
  • Be accurate and complete in your product description. This is your opportunity to sell your item. If there are any blemishes, deficiencies, or issues that you think a customer is going to want to know about, you need to describe in completely here.
  • Specify the exact condition of the item. Is it new? Make sure you mention in. If it’s used, then you need to be very careful about describing the item well.
  • Put pictures of the actual item in your listings instead of stock photos if the item flawed, used, or refurbished. If you want to have the stock picture there, that’s fine– but in your listing, you should mention that it is not the actual product that will be sent. Include other images that accurately show what the customer will receive.

What You Should Not Do

  • Do not have any conflicting information in your listing. For example, if you are selling a refurbished item, you need to make sure that the description and specifications indicate it. Sounds obvious, right? Well– it happens enough that eBay has to mention it.
  • Do not include pictures that would leave one to believe that they are getting one thing, when in actuality they are not; for example, read the above “to do” list on pictures. This is so important!
  • Do not do the following: “include comments that discourage buyers from participating or that could make them lose trust in eBay sellers and our website.” –eBay. In other words, you can’t say something like this in your listing: “In order for me to ensure that I maintain Top-Rated Status on eBay, I need you to leave me at least 4 stars after you purchase my item.”
  • Do not use any special logos in your description that eBay uses to bring credibility to its top sellers, including “Top-Rated Seller” icons or “PowerSeller” icons. If you’re caught, you will have your item removed! And you don’t want to get on eBay’s bad side.
  • Do not refer to yourself as a “Top Seller” or “PowerSeller” or any other title that might lead somebody to believe that you have a certain status on eBay when you do not. And even if you do, let the logo or icon speak for itself! You cannot talk about it at all!


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Please see our complete review of our product availability eBay policy overview for more listing help!

Just be accurate in your description! Not only is it important so you can keep with eBay rules, but you need to follow it to have positive transactions with buyers. If you choose not to follow these kind of rules, you will be effected by poor feedback!


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