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If you learn nothing more than this one thing after reading this post, I will be happy; please – just remember this one thing! Notice how it says “80 characters remaining” just above this text. You see that? That means that you get a total of 80 characters for your ebay title. That’s huge! You are allowed that many characters to create as many relevant keyword phrases as possible in your title.

Okay – so what is considered a “character”? Consider reading this if you’re not sure, but let me explain. A character is simply a unit of writing; for example, a space, comma, period, letter, and number are all examples of characters. Usually 80 characters allows for about 10-15 words, so a good ebay title is going to be about that long!

An Example of a Good ebay Listing Title

Sometimes a point is best illustrated by seeing an example, so allow me! Following is one of my own ebay listings that uses almost all 80 characters:

Good Example of an ebay title

So I want you to notice a couple of things about this title. First, see how there is literally ZERO punctuation? You don’t see any commas, periods, semi-colons, or anything else. Why? They are a huge waste! Don’t do it! Remember the purpose of your ebay title! You aren’t writing it to get an “A” on your English paper! Our ebay listing title is used for draw more exposure to our listing. All 80 of those characters are so valuable, so why waste even one of them with a comma or semi-colon. Don’t do it! Simple capitalize each of the first letters of each keyword, space them out, and get as many keywords as you possibly can in the title.

Words like “the” or “and” or even the word “or” probably shouldn’t be used if you can avoid it. I use the word “or” here because I didn’t have enough room for another relevant keyword or keyword phrase. A good ebay title isn’t going to sound great either! Go ahead – read my title there. Read it out loud. Doesn’t sound great, right? That’s okay! Remember – we are only using it to draw people into the listing. We can be more descriptive and write with better punctuation inside the product description. The ebay title does one critically important thing:

Helps us show up more often¬†in ebay’s “Best Match” search because we have more variations of possible keyword phrase searches. Think about it – if somebody searched for “creeper youth bracelet,” my listing would come up. How about “minecraft black wristband”? Yep. I’d still come up. Think how many fewer times I would show up in search results if my title were simply “Minecraft Bracelet.” Then, at that point, the only time I would show up is if somebody typed that in; I wouldn’t show up for all the different variations.

An Example of a Poor ebay Listing Title

I spent a few minutes looking through other potential competitors, and I found a poor listing title. See it below.

bad ebay listing title

The person listing this item is severely limiting their exposure because they are using FOUR keywords total. What if somebody searches for a “minecraft wristband”? Will they come up? Probably not. How about “green minecraft youth bracelet”? Maybe… but they are missing the word “youth,” so they probably won’t be considered as relevant in ebay’s best match results. It’s so important that you see the distinction here.

Best Practices and Tips For a Quality ebay Title

You can read ebay’s suggestions here about writing a good title and description for your ebay listing. Let me quickly summarize by providing a few of the of the things that you should do and a few that you should not.


  1. Use relevant and descriptive keywords that are relevant to your product
  2. Use nearly all 80 characters allotted
  3. Include brand names, designers, authors, or artists that apply
  4. Provide size, color, model number, and condition (new or used)
  5. State exactly what your product is, even if that includes that category 


  1. Use plurals; for example, you don’t need “earrings” and “earring” in the same title
  2. Have punctuations marks and asterisk
  3. Use “WOW” or “GREAT FIND” or anything similar – buyers don’t search using those terms
  4. Use all caps
  5. Worry about have a grammatically correct title
  6. Have a title with false or misleading information
Most of this stuff is pretty common sense. Again – for a full review, read exactly what ebay says here.

Some Final Thoughts on Good ebay Listing Titles

You would be shocked at how much of a difference this seemingly small and insignificant issue makes to your exposure and sales for your ebay business. Those sellers that take time to thoughtfully craft effective ebay titles using the tips listed above will consistently get more views on their products. No, this is not the only factor when considering how ebay ranks products in their “best match” search; however, this is one of the most critical!

Oh – and one other thing before I finish! Don’t tell me that you can’t come up with 80 characters or it’s just not possible because your product is a “special” case. I promise you that you can almost every single time. Look at other listings. Think of synonyms and even use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to come up with other ideas on how people might be typing in keywords to find certain products. Choosing keywords for your ebay title is beyond the scope of this post, but I know you can almost always come up with 80 characters to fill that title if you’ll work hard at it.


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4 Responses to How To Write a Quality eBay Title For Increased Best Match Exposure and More Sales

  1. Sandy says:

    Helpful info.

  2. Trevor,

    Excellent article!

    Having a solid title that draws attention and hits the necessary keywords is a critical piece of the puzzle.

    It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s to get somebody to read your blog post or to click on your link to buy your product, it all starts with an eye-catching title.

    Many great copywriters spend as much or more time getting the headline right as they do on actually writing the sales copy. It’s that important.

    Thanks for sharing. This topic is definitely one that needs more publicity.

    I hope you have an outstanding week!


  3. Monique says:

    Thanks for this informative piece. I will take your advice and let you know what happens.

  4. Don says:

    I agree with Sandy but I still feel more is needed Researching will help much more when I start Listing

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