I’m not sure how I came across this entertaining 9 minute video, but it’s definitely worth a watch. No more introduction needed here– Judge Judy and an eBay scammer is sure to make some riveting television. Just watch!

Why somebody would even think to get onto Judge Judy with such a weak case is beyond me!

Anyway– they’re out there (scammers, that is). Just be careful. The victim here did exactly what I would tell you to do– report it to eBay and contact your local and state authorities. People like this deserve to be put behind bars. Also– Paypal is very consumer friendly because of recurring situations like this, so make sure you dispute the charges with Paypal immediately if you ever have a similar issue.

View Paypal’s Resolution Center here.

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3 Responses to Judge Judy Hammers an eBay Scammer

  1. Michelle says:

    Not going to lie… I can’t stand Judge Judy! But I think this lady deserved this. lol.

  2. Antonio says:

    Haha– hilarious! I’m cared of her!

  3. Trevor says:

    I hate eBay scammers. There’s a lot of people out there just like this person. Fortunately, eBay is doing a lot to help with fraud like this.

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