Calculating your seller fees is critical to your eBay business. There is nothing worse than making a sale, thinking that you have been profitable, only to find out that miscalculated the eBay Final Value Fee or forgot to take into consideration the Paypal 2.9% + 30 cents fee.

Bottom line: use an eBay seller fees calculator. Which one you ask? Well– the choice is yours! My personal favorite is the Sale Calc eBay fee calculator. However, I do have some clients that prefer to use official eBay seller fees calculator.

The Official Seller eBay Fees Calculator

The Official Seller eBay Fees Calculator

All around, it’s fairly straight forward and easy to use. And you know since it’s eBay’s calculator, it should stay somewhat current to eBay fees (they can change often, you know).


I feel like it’s go some weaknesses, however. I’m always an advocate of keeping things simple, but I think this calculator goes too far. Yes– because it calculates both the insertion fee (partially) and the eBay Final Value Fee, the estimates on fees you will end up paying will be close. However, if you do any listing upgrades, you might find this understating your total costs. OR– what about Paypal? Remember– Paypal is going to take its 2.9% plus 30 cents of the TOTAL value of the item. For those of you that are just beginning to learn eBay, you might want to use a calculator that forces you to at least think about listing upgrades and Paypal fees. The last thing you want is to close a sale and forget about that extra 2.9%, which can turn out to be a large chunk of change depending on what you’re selling.

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It’s simple. It’s easy. There’s a 3 step process you follow in order to get the fees calculated. And, like I mentioned above, because it’s eBay’s calculator, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it making a mistake or not keeping up to date on fee changes.


Ultimately, I don’t really care what kind of calculator you use! Make sure that you are getting your fees calculated correctly, and if that’s the case, whatever you do is fine. Maybe you don’t use a calculator– that’s fine too. But if that’s the case, please make sure you review the current eBay fee schedule to be sure you’re not making any costly mistakes.

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